Production of Biodiesel from Catfish Waste Fat

VIETNAM – Hiep Thanh Seafood Processing Corporation (HTFood) has successfully produced biodiesel from catfish fat.Waste catfish material such as intestine, bone and fat are all used in the process of converting catfish waste material into biodiesel, reports TheSaigonTimes.

This biodiesel is then being used to provide power for air generator system, freezing and heating of the plant.

This is part of a project set up by the Technology Research Centre of Finland’s (VTT) Enerfish programme, funded by the European Commission, in order to make use of fish processing by-products, for the export and production of biodiesel.

According to VTT, fish processing by-products (mainly fatty fish) account for 10 per cent of recovered fish weight. If there is a raw material output of 1 million tons/year, the Mekong Delta would have over 100,000 tons of fish fat each year.