Planting Program

Print out
and complete the BIOCOMMODITY Jatropha Curcas Planting Scheme registration form along with the information about the piece of land that you wish to
work. If you wish to transfer the power of attorney to someone other than yourself to actively run the scheme, fill out Form C as well.

A Membership & Security Card
will be issued at a charge of RM50 for individual participants and RM100 for registrations via companies/organizations. You will be asked to produce this card when selling back the harvested jatrophas to BIOCOMMODITY. Payments should be made to:

Our Account No:
(contact us)
(cheques, cash deposits or money order accepted)

Either fax or mail the completed registration form, payment slip and photocopies of land grant and identification card to the BIOCOMMODITY headquarters at the following address:

Bio commodity
Jl. Drupadi 100x Seminyak – Bali – Indonesia
Fax : +62-361-847 6760

about atropha

Anyone who owns a piece of land, be it a vacant lot or an estate, is encouraged to apply for the Biocommodity
Jatropha Curcas Planting Scheme.

Jatropha Curcas Fruits

Landowners who wish to participate in this scheme will need to observe the following procedure:

Those who are interested must complete the appended Form A or you can download it from the Biocommodity website

Payments either by money order or direct bank-in to our Our account no (contact us) CASELLA TRADERS are accepted. Please attach the money order / bank-in slip to your registration form.

(Eligibility to be determined for project in Bali only)

To download the forms, simply JUST CLICK on the forms below
and select “File –>Save as…”

Form A – Individual Registration

If you wish to participate in this program as an individual, please click on the above form.

From B – Company Registration

Registration form for application via company. Click on the form to download it.

Form C – Power of Attorney Letter

Form to be filled out for landowners who wish to transfer the power of attorney to another individual. Click on the form to download it.