Final Preparations for European Biodiesel Summit

POLAND – ACI’s European Biodiesel Conference, the first annual European conference dedicated entirely to the biodiesel industry, is now in its fifth year and will be taking place on 13-14 June in Krakow, Poland.

European Biodiesel 2012 comprises a highly interactive two day programme focusing on successfully negotiating change in the European biodiesel market and will also include a site visit to Lotos Biopaliwa’s Czechowice-Dziedzice during the afternoon of Tuesday 12 June 2012.

Key topics at the Biodiesel Summit include:

  • Policy on biofuels in the EU: Current status and shaping the future
  • National implementation of EU biofuels policy
  • Key biodiesel industry dynamics: A global perspective
  • Adapting to change: How is the European biodiesel producer facing the challenge
  • Diesel demand outlook for Europe? Implications for the biodiesel industry
  • Most recent findings and recommendations on GHG emissions and ILUC
  • Cutting-edge scientific developments in the production of renewable diesel
  • Sustainable feedstocks for biodiesel production: Current and future options
  • Low carbon transport strategy for sea, land and air: Projected role of biodiesel and jet biofuel