Casella Trader (d.b.a.) is a team of seasoned international business entrepreneurs from diverse back grounds. What they have in common is a genuine desire is to make a positive and effective impact on electrical power consumption in their communities and around the world.

Many of us are well aware that present levels of fossil fuel consumption for power generation cannot be sustained indefinitely into the future. We are equally aware that we are on a giant cusp of technological break-throughs and revolutionary stratagems for implementation of these new technologies.

Casella Trader provides our family of clients honest, diligent and thorough evaluation and execution of the processes from plantation to power plant in the bio-fuel sector.

Each of us has one hundred and sixty eight hours a week; how we delegate time determines how effective we really are. No one person however high-powered, efficient and energetic can be effective two places at one time. It fellow like day follows night that what end-users of bio-fuel are seeking is a “supper-agent” who can not only fill the gap between their desire to purchase bio-fuel at a cost effective price but also implement solutions alone the route for the myriad of challenges that inevitably arise.

Casella Trader more than steps into the gap; we identify, plan and solve situations most often before they occur. Our staff is on the ground supervising every leg of the journey.

We are available for consultation, call or drop a line to our contact numbers.