Call for Coconut Biodiesel to be Embraced in Asia

ASIA – The Asian Institute of Petroleum Studies (AIPS) has made a plea for oil-fired power plants to look at using coconut methyl ester (CME) in a move to become more environmentally friendly.Biofuels International reports a move to coco-biodiesel would also be cost efficient for businesses, the AIPS claims.

“When blended with industrial diesel oil or industrial fuel oil, also known as bunker, CME makes oil-fired power plants cost-efficient and environment-friendly because harmful emissions are substantially eliminated,” AIPS executive director Rafael Diaz was quoted as saying at a recent International Electric Research Exchange.

Diaz presented a statistic that South Korean facilities which added a 5 per cent CME blend in diesel experienced improved lubricity by 63 per cent, while citing research by the US Department of Energy that 1 litre of biodiesel reduces 3.5kg of CO2 emission on lifecycle basis.