Advanced Biofuels ‘Key Component’ of EU Ambitions

EU – A bright future for advanced biofuels was highlighted at the European Biofuels Technology Platform annual meeting, held in Brussels on 6-7 February, bringing together over 150 stakeholders from industry, academia, research, NGOs, and other interested parties in biofuels production and use.

The feedstocks for advanced biofuels, such as agricultural and forestry residues are widely available, and organisations are working together to optimise use of these sustainable biomass resources across Europe.

After five years of encouraging collaborative research and demonstration, EBTP welcomes the commissioning of industrial-scale demonstration facilities for production of a range of advanced biofuels, with 8 new projects being supported by NER300 funding for innovative sustainable technologies.

The EBTP also welcomed EC plans to accelerate deployment of advanced biofuels under initiatives such as the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative, Horizon 2020 research funding programme, the Biobased Industries PPP (BRIDGE), the Advanced Biofuels Flighpath Initiative, and ERA-NET+ BESTF, recently launched by a consortium of 8 Member States.

Lars Hansen, Chair of the European Biofuels Technology Platform said: “To kick-start the new generation of biofuels and maximise the economic and environmental benefits beyond 2020, there needs to be a consistent, stable and supportive framework of policies.”

The accelerated commercial deployment of advanced biofuels will create thousands of jobs, help stabilise fuel prices, reduce reliance on fossil fuel imports, and reduce GHG emissions in the transport sector.

Together with increased engine efficiency, electrification of urban transport and other innovative technology, advanced biofuels are poised to play an increasingly important role in sustainable transport in Europe in the decades ahead.