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“TRUST”… is becoming a four letter word!!

Green is all the rage. And bio-fuels and products are becoming popular buzz words, but make not mistake its a long way from Jatropha plantation to power plant. Along the way there is serious need for serious problem solvers.

Today our path to renewable energy is strewn with obstacles and challenges. If we are to achieve even modest goals and aspirations of bringing bio-products to final market place and end-user we must endeavor to become highly professional, transparent, resourceful, organized, well capitalized and above all “trustworthy” to producer in the field, end-user in the power plant and everyone in between.

More than half of the solution to any challenge is to truly identify the source and the nature of the problem:

– If a small producer has no access to a truck, transportation to the mill is the immediate challenge. How do we assist?
– If a mill is not located in a deep-water port, shipping is the immediate challenge.
– If clean tankers with adequate capacity are scarce, containers is the immediate challenge.
– If capital at the production phase is inadequate, banking instruments is the immediate challenge.
– If there is little rapport between producer and end-user, trust (in all its forms – good liaison & communication) is the   immediate challenge.

The following issues are some of the real challenges along the path from plantation to power plant:
– Product verification
– Milling & refining capacity and efficacy verification
– Transportation & shipping verification and solutions
– Capital solutions
– Banking instruments and shipping documentation
– Marketing and sales
– Sales contracts creation, implementation and execution
– Customs documentation and clearances
– Delivery to end-user
– Customer services
– Referrals and repeat business
– Business development
– Reinvestment and joint-ventures
– Sustainability of the model chain – short, medium, long term
– Innovation, stream-lining and cost analysis
– Syndicated capital investment and investor relations
– Banking relationships
– Government regulation compliance
– Procedures and policies documentation
– Bookkeeping, accounting and reporting compliance
– Accounts payable & invoice verification
– Labor relations & payroll